New Book: Anti-liberal Europe

Dieter Gosewinkel (ed.), Anti-liberal Europe. A Neglected Story of Europeanization, Berghahn, New York/Oxford 2015.

“The history of modern Europe is often presented with the hindsight of present-day European integration, which was a genuinely liberal project based on political and economic freedom. Many other visions for Europe developed in the 20th century, however, were based on an idea of community rooted in pre-modern religious ideas, cultural or ethnic homogeneity, or even in coercion and violence. They frequently rejected the idea of modernity or reinterpreted it in an antiliberal manner. Anti-liberal Europe examines these visions, including those of anti-modernist Catholics, conservatives, extreme rightists as well as communists, arguing that antiliberal concepts in 20th-century Europe were not the counterpart to, but instead part of the process of European integration.”




Part I: Concepts

Chapter 1. Anti-liberal Europe: A Neglected Source of Europeanism. Introduction
Dieter Gosewinkel

Chapter 2. The Elusiveness of European (Anti-)liberalism
Michael Freeden

Part II: Antiliberalism: a feature of colonial and conservative concepts of Europe

Chapter 3. Europe as a Colonial Project: A Critique of Its Anti-liberalism
Fabian Klose

Chapter 4. Facing the Future Backwards. ‘Abendland’ as an Anti-liberal Idea of Europe in Germany between the First World War and the 1960s
Vanessa Conze

Chapter 5. The Call for a New European Order: Origins and Variants of the Anti-liberal Concept of the “Europe of the Regions”
Undine Ruge

Part III: Antiliberal Europe in dictatorships and their aftermath

Chapter 6. The ‘New European Order’ of National Socialism. Some Remarks on Its Sources, Genesis and Manifestations
Jürgen Elvert

Chapter 7. Three Kinds of Collaboration: Concepts of Europe and the ’Franco-German Understanding’ – The Career of SS-Brigadeführer Gustav Krukenberg
Peter Schöttler

Chapter 8. Communist Europeanism: A Case Study of the GDR
Jana Wuestenhagen

Afterword: The Limits of an Anti-liberal Europe
Martin Conway

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