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You may have already noticed that from time to time we cross-post contributions of the Imperial & Global Forum. This is the excellent blog of the Centre for Imperial and Global History at the History Department of the University of Exeter, which comprises of one of the largest groups of imperial and global historians currently working in the UK. Edited by Marc-William Palen the blog connects in a significant way historians working in this research field and offers a dynamic exploration of imperial history.


By cross-posting we would like to reach out to the readers of both blogs and indicate the various existing links between global history and the history of humanitarianism and human rights. As an example I have just written a guest contribution concerning the ongoing debate on human rights and decolonization. It was published today and you can find it@:

In general I can just recommend you exploring and reading the Imperial & Global Forum, which provides such a broad variety of important information about articles, books, call for papers, conferences, fellowships and reviews concerning this prospering field of historical research.


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