30 Entries of the Online Atlas on the History of Humanitarianism and Human Rights

The Online Atlas on the History of Humanitarianism and Human Rights is jointly published by the Leibniz Institute of European History and the Centre for Imperial and Global History at the University of Exeter as part of the Global Humanitarianism Research Academy (GHRA). It is hosted by the Leibniz Institute of European History.
The Online Atlas provides readers with concise analytical information on key concepts, events, and people which shaped the development of modern humanitarianism and human rights.

The entries of the Online Atlas are written by the successive generations of fellows of the GHRA and other experts connected to the Research Academy. The entries describe particular historical moment as well as its consequences and wider meanings. Additional materials include a review of scholarly debates, further reading, and visual representations. The Online Atlas addresses a broader public. It is a valuable resource for those engaged in the field of humanitarian action and human rights as well as students and academics. It provides a reliable source of information and access to essential issues of the entangled world of humanitarianism across borders and historical epochs.

The project started in December 2015 with 10 entries written by the first participants of the Global Humanitarianism Research Academy and now reaches the number of 30 enties. Enjoy discovering the Online Atlas @ http://hhr-atlas.ieg-mainz.de/

Table of Contents

Afghanistan, 2010: Humanitarian Principles of Neutrality and Impartiality Contested
Cédric Cotter

Algiers, 1999: Disability, Development and Human Rights in Africa
Sam De Schutter

Bandung, 1955: Asian-African Conference and Human Rights
Patrick Quinton-Brown

Bengal, 1943-1944: Famine Relief in Times of War
Joanna Simonow

Bergen-Belsen, 1945: Military and Civilian Cooperation in Relief
Nerissa Aksamit

Biafra, 1967–1970: Ethical Dilemmas of Humanitarian Relief
Mie Vestergaard

Bowmanville, 1942: The ‘Shackling Crisis’ and the Treatment of German Prisoners of War in Canada
Jean-Michel Turcotte

Buenos Aires, 1977: The international struggle of the Mothers of Plaza de Mayo
Félix A. Jiménez Botta

Congo Free State, 1904: Humanitarian Photographs
Sonya de Laat

Damascus, 1925: The Bombing of the City, Humanitarian Relief and Petitioning for Syrian Independence to the League of Nations
Luís Paulo Bogliolo

Entebbe, 1926: Sleeping Sickness Research between Colonial Medicine and Global Public Health
Sarah Ehlers

Etchmiadzin, 1915-1917: Armenian Genocide Refugees and Russian Imperial Humanitarianism
Asya Darbinyan

Ethiopia, 1983–1985: Famine and the Paradoxes of Humanitarian Aid
Tehila Sasson

Geneva, 1924: The Geneva Declaration of the Rights of the Child
Katharina Stornig

Geneva, 1996: The International Committee of the Red Cross Archives
Daniel Palmieri

Java, 1919: Colonial Disaster Relief
Sander Tetteroo

Knockaloe, 1914-1918: Civilian Internment in Wartime
Ben Holmes

London, 1961: The Foundation of Amnesty International
Brian Drohan

Manila, 1918: The Freedom of Information
Mark Reeves

Maryland, 1718: Humanitarian Sentiment and the British Convict Trade to the American Colonies
Nicole Dressler

Nairobi, 1975: The World Council of Churches and Human Rights
Bastiaan Bouwman

New York, 1863: The Lieber Code: Humanity in Warfare
Boyd van Dijk

Prague, 1977: Charter 77
Gregor Feindt

Rhodesia, 1977-1979: David Owen, Human Rights and British Foreign Policy
David Grealy

Rome, 1892: The beginnings of the Red Cross Youth Movement
Andrée-Anne Plourde

Saigon, 1975: Settling Southeast Asian Refugee Children and Youth in the U.S.
Sharon Park

St Petersburg, 1868: First International Agreement Prohibiting the Use of Certain Weapons
Natalia Jevglevskaja

Tehran, 1968: International Conference on Human Rights
Peter Ridder

Vienna, 1815: First International Condemnation of the Slave Trade
Thomas Weller

Washington, D.C., 1946: Humanitarian Food Relief for Occupied Germany
Kaete O’Connell


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