Workshop: Health, Well-Being and Subsistence in the History of Socioeconomic Rights, Duties and Obligations,10-11 November 2016

Socioeconomic Rights in History Leverhulme Network

Wissenschaftszentrum Berlin für Sozialforschung (WZB)

Workshop Organised by:

Dieter Gosewinkel, Paul-André Rosental, and Claudia Stein

This two-day workshop will explore the history of the rights to health and subsistence from the eighteenth century to today from the perspective of governmentality and biopolitics.

The papers (3-5 pages each) will be submitted by November 1 and will be pre-circulated to all participants. During the workshop, each contributor will summarize his or her reflections in 10-15 minutes, followed by 30-40 minutes of discussion. The papers are in English. Our principal aim is to discover underlying themes and problems in the history of the right to health and subsistence over time.


Thursday, 10 November

9.15                 Meet at WZB, Reichspietsufer 50, 10785 Berlin, room:  TBA

9.30                 Opening comments


Session 1: Legal Preliminaries: Right to Health and Subsistence from a Legal Perspective

9.45                 Eberhard Eichenhofer, University of Jena

Right to Health: Some Observations from the German Perspective

Session 2: Traditions and Institutions of Care and Subsistence

10.30               Andrew Mendelsohn, Queen Mary, University of London,

Physicians, the Protectable Worker’s Body, the Minable Earth, and the Naturalization of Sustainable Organized Extractive Capitalism

11.15               Coffee Break

11.30               Hilary Marland/Catharine Cox/Margaret Charleroy, University of Warwick/University College Dublin

presentation of two research projects related to the Wellcome Trust Senior Investigator Award Project: Prisoners, Medical Care and Entitlement to Health in England and Ireland, 1850-2000

Governmentality and Prisoners’ Minds in the late Nineteenth Century:  Was there a Prisoners’ ‘Right to Health’?

Understanding Prisoner Rights Through Diet and Health

12.15               Cornelius Torp (FU, Berlin)

Social Justice in Old Age Provision: Germany and the UK since 1945

13.00               lunch WZB

Thursday 10 November, afternoon

Session 3: Standards and Norms of Health and Subsistence

14.00               Andrea Rusnock, University of Rode Island

To Waste Not: Moral and Political Aspects of 18th-Century Population and Mortality Statistics

14.45                Dana Simmons, University of California, Riverside

Anthropometric Measures, Physiological Capital and the Standards of Living Debate

15.30               coffee break

15.45                 Philip Lepenies, FU Berlin


16.30               Marion Hulverscheidt, University of Zurich

Economics and Health Care:  Intersex Children in Switzerland, 1950-1960

18.00               keynote

Laura Belmonte, Oklahoma State University

U.S. Global Policy on HIV/AIDS: A History

20.00               dinner at Joseph Roth

Day 2: Friday, November 11

9.30                 Meet at WZB, Reichspietsufer 50, 10785 Berlin, room:  TBA

Session 4: Health and Subsistence in relation to Subjecthood and Citizenship

9.45                 Amy Hinterberger  (University of Warwick)          

Who, and What, Constitutes the Human Subject in a Right to Health and Well-Being?

10.30               Charles-Antoine Wanecq (CHSP-Sciences Po, Paris)

The Genesis and Development of the Right to Emergency Rescue, France 1920s-1980

11.15               Coffee Break

11.30               Paul-Andre Rosenthal (Science Po, Paris)

Eugenics and Public Health: An Utilitarian Connection

12.15               Sybilla Nikolow (TU, Berlin)

Descending Into One’s Own Intestines Becomes a Sunday Pleasure’

13.00                           Lunch at WZB

Session 5: Territory and Security and Health and Subsistence

14.00               Elena Serrano, MPI, Berlin

Making Citizens During the Spanish Epidemics of Yellow Fevers: Guyton’s Fumigating Machine in Napoleonic Times

14.45               Dora Vargha, University of Essex

Polio Eradication as a Socialist Concept: the Cold War Roots of a Global Health Program

15.30               Break

15.45               Natalie Jas, INRA, Paris

Pesticides Systemic Grip. A Socio-Historical Approach

16.30               closing comments

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